Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Passion 2: The Thrill (sequel)

Sultry is the only viable word to describe her, her eyes probably weren’t even real, they were not as intense as the rest of her mien but electrifying all the same, this vociferous vixen was the embodiment of all that’s consistent and anti-me! Seems my bestial friend had found a twin, where do these people come from? What is their purpose? Well it certainly isn’t supposed to be adding another vertex to already convoluted love-hexahedrons, that’s what i call it because they seem to have multiple hearts, all this fervour has got to be kept somewhere. It was bad enough that 2 of their kind crossed paths, but 3? I had barely recovered from the unlikely fairy tale that shook me and my bestial friend not too long ago, and he's already added another light bulb to the sun. I was all but willing to get caught up in it again but life ditched the curve ball and threw a fast ball, just because i wasn’t expecting it.
One of the perks of going around being good cop with a bad, bad cop making you look even better was getting to pick up the pieces after he's done his damage, you get a lot of cool nicknames, notoriety with the ladies and many great friends, i always thought the transition came almost naturally, give them enough attention and soon they’ll become attentive, but every passing day i scoff at my own ignorance thinking i was getting any further than the zone.
This was the case with Her, the sultry one, she was a newbie at the time so luckily for me there was no room for the 5 year fatal attraction statement, as usual i made my move, in all my ignorant glory, it came easily because i could see her giving me the nervous look infatuated teens give themselves.
I didn’t make it official or declare my intentions, I stuck to my "elaborate prelude to a childish finish"  but i was growing weary, she wasn’t taking the bait and as i spun her clockwise she spun me counter clockwise with a pitch fork and little effort. There were times i was fed up and ventured into other "projects", she didn’t hesitate to venture into "projects" of her own,  she wasn’t the only fish in the water but her kind of fish tasted better, for some reason i always came back, and she grabbed her pitch fork and followed suit.
This wasn’t going anywhere, so i took a long break and she very well did the same.

When it was over i was back and surprisingly she was open minded. Armed with a more refined stupidity, right after a few more teen push/pull games i decided to pin her down.
"So uhmmm, go out with me", yea it didn’t pin her down but it sure did pin point how oblivious i was. It doesn’t count as me making the first move,
I almost swallowed my tongue and my heartbeat was probably louder than my voice. I consider myself lucky that she let me down easy, and we let it go.
This was the first time i made myself comfortable in the zone, and let everything play out platonically, at least that’s what i told myself, and later on she had a boyfriend. That wasn’t me.
Which was a real party pooper as it takes twice the effort to get a girl that’s already taken, or a long U-turn as my bestial friend calls it, having to uninstall the incumbent guy and taking his place. So that was a done deal, we remained friends and over time became even closer, we developed a real bond, that she seemed to be really fond of, though i knew it was mainly superficial as i was far from equipped to delve into her fiery world of un simulated figurative violence.
My bestial friend and she were no strangers, their rampaging energies always clashing, a chair in the air here, and some invectives there.
They always argued and it all felt normal to them, they had a Mr. and Mrs. Smith kind of thing going, but for some reason the bullets in that movie always missed, that certainly won’t be the case with these two. Everyone saw it as the foundation to a very intense marriage and often teased them about it; my comments were far more off color.
One time she admitted to me that she was growing to like him, this was said a day after one of their most legendary fights, was this magic?! I knew there was something more to this, but i wasn’t worried at the time.
After the events of my first expose, the amorous flames, She, the 5 year fatal attraction friend, and my bestial friend had begun to wane, one of the demerits of such intensity is that it needs to be constantly fueled and revived, but with very limited communication, it was imminent, but that’s just what i saw, She often refused to discuss the topic with me, though we talk about everything, i could sense she was either hurting or trying to forget. But her despondence wasn’t mutual as he didn’t seem at all phased by this, probably his way of trying to hide it.
It’s all been pretty placid till this point, when he unwittingly took the wrong jab at the sultry one! She didn’t take it very well and this time it was war.
More explicit invectives rained, but he didn’t share in her hostility and reaffirmed his stance, it honestly wasn’t his intention and she misread the gesture.
While i was very quick to apologize on his behalf, naturally assuming my role as good cop, it did me no good, it seemed that she wanted to hold on to this anger, with every acrid remark i could picture her eyes emblazoned with bright red flames, and lips arched to properly deliver the smirk that I’d imagine the devil is so fond of. He was confused and wondered why it had escalated to such heights and even discerned it as her trying to get his full attention, which he wasn’t ready to give, i didn’t pick his side on this one, because i knew if he were in her shoes, the poor soul that crosses his path won’t even have the luxury of apologizing. Eventually they settled it privately; when he was finally ready to take it seriously. At this point i wished he took the easy route and gave her the apology she wanted as i suggested, because as they resumed their usual discordant relationship, things started to change! At first he started asking my opinion more frequently on issues regarding her, because he'd taken note of our bond and  referred to us as unmarried married couples, while she did the same and became very interested in any topic concerning him, then it started getting worse, he now had to think carefully before replying her, and any unclear remark from her required my immediate consultation and sent him into deep thought.
 I knew what i feared was potentially brewing, if she spoke about anything even remotely related to a relationship he would act childlike and take the littlest cues seriously.
This was like nothing I’d ever seen before, i could have sworn something was going on, but their strong denial said another thing. The sultry one continued to spin me around, my bestial friend wasn’t any help, as he soon began to keep me in the dark too, this gave me time to reflect, and i thought to myself, could it be; every time they fought, every half-wit show of aggression, the sardonic gaze of his dark eyes, and ultimately her exaggerated reaction to his unintentional jab wasn’t at all what it seemed and where we saw aggression  she saw "I’m powerful!", what we called sardonic and dark she called "piercing and enchanting!!" and the jab an opportunity to say "i want you now, Give into me!!!"
How does one even live with such proclivity, they go around with smiles plastered on their faces, fronting with big appreciative laughs when all they want to do is gawk at your soul. With the sultry one ominously coming into the mix it felt like taking a joy ride in a flaming vehicle, at least for me, he tactfully handled the situation with every one of his many hearts, i had now lost track of the shape of their love web.
He had been smitten the second time, my bestial friend couldn’t resist the thrilling nature of the sultry one, a few more dirty jokes and consistent probing and it finally happened. His methods always baffled me, when he wanted to know something he used every beguiling trick in the book as opposed to my oratory tactics and he always found out, compliments from him were a taboo, but when he wanted something, it was his the moment he laid eyes on it, women always contradict themselves. They told each other how they felt, though as implicitly as possible anyone with multiple beating hearts caught in the crosshairs of loves most dangerous weapon, could see it very clearly, the sultry one and my bestial friend wasted no time marking their territory in each other’s hearts, and this time they didn’t belittle the sun, but succeeded in making my already nonexistent heart shrink into oblivion, because i realized i was completely incapable of commanding the army of affection, but i was fine just being a lovelorn soldier. This time i was sipping my tea in the dark for a different reason, I don’t know how they'll end up, but this I’m sure of; no one alive can predict "its" limits, but a select few can attest to "its" undeniable force, the synergy of their combined energies in such a short amount of time was unheard of, sure opposites attract, but like charges enthrall! "It" feels like sugary venom not just because of the Thrill; but because "it" is Passion Too (two)...

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