Thursday, 13 November 2014

Serendipity; Alluring and Serendipitous (poem)

What is this word.. what is this feeling?
The feeling that follows soon after a bout of envisaging serendipity, it holds but an unending allure, the feeling of unexpected fortune with far more enticing gratification with not the intended effort.. We all secretly hope for serendipity but never do we shift directions towards it, as one would find himself lost amidst failed effort..
We could only wish for serendipity in love as we find ourselves burdened by choices without the alternative of gauging outcome,
This word and its allure in semblance of "Vale" to my heartstrings, how serendipitous for the meaning to hold even deeper fulfilment..
I feel it strong, entangled in my favoured scent, in the bowels of my decadence, perhaps my discovery of this alluring word is serendipity in itself...

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