Thursday, 13 November 2014

Theory "Concentration"

It is possible that the skill of effective concentration could stem from not being too conscious of ones immediate surroundings. So to say, someone extra conscious of appearance and attaches great importance to peoples perception of them tend to give a good portion of their thoughts to appear "correct" in the sight of others, even when full concentration is required they take great care to keep looking in a correct manner whilst undergoing mentally tasking activities contributing to generally lower concentration stemming from divided attention, it could be safe to assume that those who actually don't care much for such have a greater ability to focus more when required, depending on their mind-sets.
It could also be a result of them not taking into too much consideration things extraneous to any given task/activity, hence might be able to condone sounds, noise or otherwise in the process of consideration.
In a sense It could be likened to a subdivision of character traits; those who are fond of frequently analysing actions and occurrences, extraneous or otherwise I.E "reading meaning into things", then those who devote such mental process to only what they deem fit.

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