Thursday, 13 November 2014

Theory "Do nice guys really finish last?"

Its a possibility that the common conception of The really pretty girls being courted by less attractive guys possesses some element of truth, although the correlation is arguable, some factors do come into play, such as attractive guys having higher tendency to be proud and lack basic moral traits and could be fond of having ladies come to them more easily than normal, therefore at the point at which they choose to settle down with an equally attractive lady with high standards and a moral code, she could find the male conceited, due to his antecedent, he might expect her to succumb as easy as his temporary affairs in the past, whilst she demands respect, and patience in courting, which the male may not be accustomed to. This could mean, the less attractive male not accustomed to overt female attention would operate in the opposite fashion. But obviously the exception comes with proper upbringing and lack of exposure to environmental ills which could corrupt said male in both cases.

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