Thursday, 13 November 2014

Theory "Persona"

Exaggerated Personas
It pays to be real.. in some cases when you meet someone you tend to be spell bound and enchanted based on some dazzling or generally out-of-the-ordinary character traits said person exhibits, but after a while the enchantment dies down, quicker than it does with most people. It could be as a result of a particular habit where one tends to exhibit false or circumstantial traits sometimes for the purpose of public amusement, it could be regarded as an exhibitionist trait which could most likely be found amongst extroverts. It makes one easily likable but at the same time doesn't constitute a foundation for a lasting friendship, even worse if the momentary exhibitionist trait was the basis for the friendship, hence one should try not to exaggerate their persona and avoid letting the presence of an audience be the catalyst of their personality.

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