Saturday, 15 November 2014

Theory "Identity"

One could theorize that a stagnant catalyst in the building blocks of character and personality is Identity.
The form in which a man projects of himself at his peak, an idea of what you want to be, more or less tempered by what you ought to be. Not to be confused with ambition, for a mans identity is the underlying cause of his external responses depending on whether or not he needs an audience to fully manifest, also the level in which one has placed himself in his community.
Self esteem, environment, background and association all contribute largely to the development of an identity, each one not necessarily existing with out the other.
It might be safe to assume before one can alter any aspect of his personality, one must fine tune his perceived identity to suit the purpose. Identity could even be the title given to the level of a mans self esteem or the sum total/ singular representation of experiences in collaboration with environmental devices. For instance a person who subconsciously takes up the identity of a socially awkward entity would find it hard to relate with others and hence develop relatively thin skin, and heightened sensitivity, in another case, for a person who innately feels like a potential celebrity and is racked with confidence, it would be hard for external devices directed towards demoralizing such people to take effect, perhaps if it emanates from supposed good looks, any attempt to tell them otherwise or how unattractive they are often proves futile. If at all it is truly their identity not a momentary fa├žade.
In a bid to make people see you a certain way, more positively perhaps, it could be advised that in the process of deep introspection one should make positive changes to how they see themselves.

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